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From generation to generation, we are seeing font size getting smaller, children reading at a much younger age, and computers, tablets, and smartphones becoming more pervasive in our daily lives. All of these factors increase the demands put onto a child's vision maturity, which contributes to more eye strain and a greater need for glasses among children.

As a result, we always encourage parents to schedule a pediatric eye exam for their children by the time they are five years of age or when they start attending preschool or kindergarten. This exam should be arranged even earlier, if there are any specific concerns with a child's vision or eye health.

At Griffin Optometric Group, our pediatric eye exam is designed to check the child's vision, eye health, tracking, teaming, focusing abilities, depth perception, and color vision -- all of which are important for the child to have an easier time learning. When dealing with kids, we go above and beyond to make them feel comfortable. Our doctors, opticians, and support staff are all very friendly; they take the time to connect with each patient; and they deliberately avoid wearing white coats. if a child doesn't know their alphabet or speak English, we use eye charts with pictures of birds, cakes, birthday cakes, trees, and other shapes on them to make it easier to test their visual acuity.

Call Griffin Optometric Group today to schedule a comprehensive eye exam for your child at our San Clemente, Laguna Niguel, or Talega location. Each of our offices has a frame display section dedicated to kid frames.

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